Uli Rodeck - Co-Founder and Member of Scientific Advisory Board

Uli is a co-founder of Akriveia and member of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Uli is Professor of Dermatology, Cutaneous Biology and Radiation Oncology and Vice Chair of Dermatology Research at Thomas Jefferson University. He obtained his MD at the University of Münster and his PhD (Habilitation) in immunology at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

He trained with Hilary Koprowski at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. Uli’s research at the Wistar focused on producing and characterizing monoclonal antibodies targeting tumor-associated antigens. One of these, an EGFR antagonistic antibody, advanced to Phase-II clinical trials and a WT1 antibody was integrated into diagnostic testing for leukemias.

Beyond therapeutic antibodies Uli has focused on cytokine-dependent reprogramming of immune cells in the tumor environment.

Uli jointly developed the concepts underlying Akriveia’s technology with John Williams.