Margaret Karow - Senior Vice President Discovery and Preclinical Development

Margaret Karow is the Senior Vice President of Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development at Akriveia. Prior to joining Akriveia, she was an Executive Director at Amgen for 10 years. At Amgen, she held multiple roles in drug development. These included Executive Director in the Biosimilars Business Unit as the lead for Biosimilars Process Development, and as an Executive Director in Discovery Research leading the Biologics Optimization organization, Protein Sciences at the Thousand Oaks campus, and the site head for the Burnaby, Canada research site where XenoMouse antibody development is based. Prior to joining Amgen, Margaret was at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals for 10 years, where she was the Vice President of Traps, Small Molecule and Antibody Development, and the Immunology therapeutic area. She was also the co-lead for the development of the VelocImmune mouse platform for the production of human antibodies. As a leader in biotechnology, she has shepherded multiple large molecule projects from their discovery stage and into clinical trials, as well as to the successful filing of marketing applications. Margaret completed her post-doctoral work at Temple Medical School and her Ph.D. at the University of Utah, and holds a BA in MCD Biology from the University of Colorado.