Akriveia Therapeutics’ mission is to discover and develop better, safer immunotherapeutics. Reducing treatment-limiting side effects in normal tissues is expected to markedly increase the therapeutic index and efficacy of immunotherapy.

Recent developments in cancer therapy have yielded unprecedented results in patients with certain types of advanced tumors. These powerful new drugs work by counteracting the ability of many cancers to evade the patient’s immune system. Treatment with these new medicines restores the ability of the immune system to attack and directly kill the cancer cells. By unleashing the power of the immune system, these new therapeutics have led to striking responses, even in advanced cancers; and in some instances, even to complete eradication of the cancer. These are wonderful results.

However, the unleashing of the patient’s own immune system frequently comes at a heavy price. Once activated, the patient’s immune system will often attack healthy tissues as well the cancer. This attack can cause serious side effects which impose severe limitations on the number of patients that can be treated, and on the duration of the treatment. In addition, the side-effects can substantially compromise the ultimate well-being of the patient, with some patients suffering life-long and debilitating consequences from their treatment.

Akriveia Therapeutics’ proprietary Aklusion™ platform addresses this limitation by restricting the action of the therapeutic agent to just the site of the cancer. As a result, the hope is that more patients may be treated, and for longer duration, but without debilitating and treatment-limiting side effects.

Akriveia was founded in 2015 and has licensed key technology from Thomas Jefferson University and City of Hope. The company is backed by a top-tier venture investor, an experienced management team and has operations in California and New Jersey.

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